I can achieve any look you require as I have lashes in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures, varying from 8mm to 14mm. So you can have a natural or glamorous look- it's up to you!

Before and after photos of my work - hover over image to see amazing results!

client one   client two   client three

Client one

C curl, 10 and 12, longer extensions on outer corners creates cat eye look


Client two

12 and 13mm, C curl for extra lift, with thick lashes


Client three

Mix of 11 and 12 C curl thick lashes for a dramatic wide eyed look

client four   client four closed   client five

Client four

10 and 12mm mix of C curl fine and thick lashes


Client four

(eyes closed)
C curl fine and thick lashes


Client five

11mm, C curl with a mix of fine and thick lashes

client six   client seven   client eight

Client six

C curl, mix of fine and thick lashes, for a fuller look


Client seven

Mix of B and C curl, mix of different length, fine lash for a softer look


Client eight

10, 12 and 13mm, with fine lashes for a softer look

client nine   client ten   client ten closed

Client nine

Mix of 10 and 11 fine lashes


Client ten

Mix of 10 and 11 C curl fine lashes


Client ten

(eyes closed)